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Microchipping your dog


It may not occur to the owner of a senior pet that microchipping your dog or cat is an advised procedure.  Microchips are recommended as a means of being re-united with your lost companion for pets of all ages.  They are especially important in older pets because they can suffer from senility issues and are at a higher risk of becoming lost should they wander off.

The microchip that is implanted into your pet’s shoulder region is about the size of a grain of rice.  It is imbedded with a specific number identifying your dog or cat.  This number is registered to your contact information often through an online website.  This information can be easily updated if you move or change phone numbers.


Dangerous foods for your dog

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As our pets age, they may begin to show different dietary preferences.  Some reasons include painful teeth, stress associated with cognitive decline, or dietary sensitivity.  Caution needs to be exercised when attempting to entice our dogs or cats to eat a meal. 

Foods to avoid due to known toxicity include grapes, onions, and chocolate.  These can cause internal organ failure or even worse, death.  A less well known danger to our pets is offering them fatty foods such as bar-b-que, marbled red meats like steaks, and foods high in saturated fats.  Pancreatitis can develop with ingestion of these foods requiring intensive care and hospitalization.


When should I see a vet?

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As our companion dogs and cats enter into their senior years, it becomes even more important for them to visit the veterinarian twice a year.  In addition to having a physical exam performed, blood testing is advised twice yearly to monitor for changes with any of your pet’s internal organs.  Older pets should visit the veterinarian if you notice any changes in their demeanor.  Canine cognitive dysfunction, or senility, is a condition that can be managed with medication.  Painful joints can also affect a dog’s or cat’s social behavior and may not be readily evident with limping or reduced jumping. 

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