Crate training your dog

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I am a big advocate for crate training, because for me it makes for a better relationship with my three dogs.  Crate training not only helps with potty training, but the crate also has a likeness to a cozy cave that your dog’s ancestors once stayed in. 

Crate training should begin as soon as possible.  Choose a crate that has the ability to grow with your pet.  My favorite type to use in the home is the open metal grid type with a divider that can be moved to allow more space once your pet is potty trained.  In the beginning, only allow enough space for your dog to stand up and turn around by putting the divider closer to the door.  This is important because most dogs dislike having to sit in their own waste and they quickly learn to hold their bladder and bowels until given the opportunity to go outside.

As your pet matures, the divider can eventually be removed and then your dog will have a safe place to rest or sleep.  Crates are especially helpful in preventing damage to your home by high-energy dogs.  You can provide entertainment with chew toys such as the Kong filled with peanut butter or a radio on in the background.  You will find that some pets migrate to their crate even when you are home because they feel safe and comfortable in it.  I wish you the best of luck in crate training your canine companion!  Be patient and repetitious and you will achieve success.

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