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Not much is more important to you than your pets. At Trusty Vet, we strive to educate the public about pet care. Below are useful articles on taking care of your pet and please check often as we will continue adding more and more information.


Worms and your puppy


Intestinal parasites (worms) are a common concern for puppy owners.  First and foremost, don’t panic.  It is a normal occurrence for immature puppies to have some intestinal parasites.  They usually contract the parasites from their mother’s milk and just don’t have a mature immune system to combat the clinical symptom of diarrhea.


Feeding your new kitten

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There are many available formulations of kitten food to purchase for your new feline friend.  The best type of food to feed is a small kibble that your kitten chews in his or her back teeth.  The harder kibble help to keep your cat’s oral health at its best and avoids the excessive calories found in canned food.  Kittens should be fed a kitten formulation until they have been spayed or neutered.  At this point, their metabolism goes through a transition and they require the fewer calories that are provided in adult formulations. 


Crate training your dog

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I am a big advocate for crate training, because for me it makes for a better relationship with my three dogs.  Crate training not only helps with potty training, but the crate also has a likeness to a cozy cave that your dog’s ancestors once stayed in. 

Crate training should begin as soon as possible.  Choose a crate that has the ability to grow with your pet.  My favorite type to use in the home is the open metal grid type with a divider that can be moved to allow more space once your pet is potty trained. 


Help your dog settle into their new home

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Bringing a new puppy or kitten into your home is an exciting time for pet and person alike.  I want to encourage you to get your relationship with your new companion off to the best start.  The good behaviors that you help to develop early on will lead to a loving home environment for many years to come.


Microchipping your dog


It may not occur to the owner of a senior pet that microchipping your dog or cat is an advised procedure.  Microchips are recommended as a means of being re-united with your lost companion for pets of all ages.  They are especially important in older pets because they can suffer from senility issues and are at a higher risk of becoming lost should they wander off.

The microchip that is implanted into your pet’s shoulder region is about the size of a grain of rice.  It is imbedded with a specific number identifying your dog or cat.  This number is registered to your contact information often through an online website.  This information can be easily updated if you move or change phone numbers.

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