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    Life is expensive, but pet care doesn’t have to be! ™
    Trusty Vet's low price office exam makes it affordable for families to keep their pets healthy. 
    We are committed to helping your pets live a long and healthy life and provide a focused
    range of medical, surgical and preventative care for your pets that include:
    • Wellness and Preventative Care Exams
    • Vaccinations
    • Blood work and diagnostics
    • Senior Pet Care
    • General Surgery
    • Oral Health Evaluation
    • Ear and Eye problems and Infections
    • Skin Infections and Allergies
    • Bladder Infections
    • Vomiting and Diarrhea
    • Arthritis Pain Control
    • Puppy and Kitten Vaccinations and Exams
    • Flea and Tick Preventatives
    • De-worming
    • Pet Microchipping
    • Heartworm Prevention and Treatment
    • Cancer and Tumor Treatments
    • Respiratory Infections

  • Senior Pet Care

    Senior Pet Care visits are critical in the
    longevity of your pet’s life.

    As pets age, they face an increased risk of heart disease, cancer,
    diabetes, and arthritis among other health problems. Often, symptoms
    are not readily apparent and the disease may go undetected and untreated.
    Allowing pets 7 years and older to be examined at least every 6 months with
    complete blood work and laboratory testing helps the veterinarian to detect
    problems early and prevent progression of disease. Early detection results in
    faster treatment and better overall health for your pet.

  • Puppies, Kittens & New Adoptee’s

    Congratulations on your new four-legged baby.

    There is nothing cuter or more wonderful than a brand new puppy,
    kitten or the feeling we get when we rescue a pet without a home.
    Just like with humans, puppies, kittens and new adoptees, need to
    see their doctor (veterinarian) within 3-4 days of adoption into your
    family. Please be sure to bring any paperwork that came with your
    new puppy or kitten to your first visit. We look forward to seeing you.

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  • 061218k0022
    It is an exciting time when you introduce a new furry friend into your home.  When going to get your new pet, it is best to leave your current pet at home.  Car travel can cause stress to your current pet as well as the new pet.  Forcing the two to interact so suddenly in this stressf
  • geriatric
    Most dog owners are familiar with the term “senior” when it comes to describing their pet’s age, but as dogs are living longer thanks to advancements in veterinary medicine, a new term, “geriatric” is being used to classify older dogs.  For the body sizes of 25#, 50#, and 100# in dogs, pets are
  • blackdog
      Did you know that many of your pet’s risk of diseases can be in your own back yard, your favorite pet store, or even the dog park you take your pet to? Something as innocent as allowing your puppy to play in a puddle of water, playing fetch with your dog at the river, letting your pet play

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