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on Wednesday, 22 February 2012
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8053368 sFleas are not only a visible and itchy nuisance to you and your dog, but they can also carry deadly diseases and cause anemia if left untreated.  Flea saliva can also cause an allergic reaction in your dog that includes hair loss and inflammation most commonly near the tail base.  Steroids and antibiotics are often needed to control the allergic response to the flea.

There are two types of products available to prevent flea infestations on your dog.  Oral products have to be given with a meal to be absorbed properly but they last for 30 days and some even begin killing the fleas within 30 minutes of administration.  You also don’t have to worry about how often your dog is bathed or plays in the water.  Topical products are the other choice that some may prefer as their chemicals spread on the outer surface of the pet and is not absorbed systemically (into the bloodstream.)  Products available at your veterinarian have undergone research and testing to assure safe administration to your dog.

Environmental control is also important in managing a flea infestation.  Professional pest control companies are my choice for the most efficient and effective control of fleas in your household.  Washing your pet’s bedding and treating other pets in the household is also a necessity in managing a flea infestation.  The good news is that if a flea infestation is attacked with the seriousness it requires, and you use a preventative, they are not likely to cross your path ever again. 


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