Vaccinating Your Dog

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on Sunday, 20 May 2012
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dsc0022Attentiveness to vaccine health care reminders allows you as a pet owner to assure protection from multiple diseases for your canine companion.   By law, the Rabies vaccine must be administered on a regular basis since the disease is still prevalent in non-domesticated animals, particularly raccoons. Distemper virus and Parvovirus are two diseases that can have fatal outcomes and are easily preventable with vaccine administration.

There are multiple vaccines available for dogs including, but not limited to, Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, Lyme’s, Bordatella, and Influenza. A veterinary health care professional can explain the risks and benefits of the vaccines and steer you on the best course of preventative care for your dog.

I always recommend vaccines be administered by a trained professional. Veterinarians are confident in the manufacturers they purchase from and know how to properly store vaccines. Most also follow the risk based protocol for vaccinations, meaning that your pet’s lifestyle is analyzed and vaccines are recommended based on exposure risk to diseases.

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