Outside vs. Inside Cats?

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on Monday, 25 June 2012
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p8050344250There are pros and cons to the argument on whether cats should be housed inside or outside. In this blog, I will leave my personal opinion to myself and rather discuss the risks and benefits of each living situation.

Inside cats allow a little more interaction between animal and owner simply with the fact that they are present to encourage the pet owner to scratch them or feed them. This lifestyle, however, also promotes sedentary laying around, leading to obesity problems in indoor cats. Scratching posts, window ledges, and plenty of toys can help to maintain a healthy level of activity in indoor cats. Lower calorie diets or ones formulated for indoor cats are also beneficial. Finally, indoor cats can be declawed in their front limbs since the do not require them to protect them from predators. This can help solidify the human-animal bond allowing more friendly cuddling and playtime with your companion.

Most outdoor cats are plenty active keeping them at an ideal body weight. There is not a need to provide a litter pan to outside cats eliminating the need to clean one on a regular basis. Outdoor cats are stimulated by their environment keeping them entertained and less likely to play roughly with an owner who is offering loving scratches. All outside cats should be spayed or neutered to prevent overpopulation. An outside cat should never be declawed as it removes the defenses from predators. However, there are risks of fighting among outside cats which can lead to painful wounds. Regular petting and stroking of your outside cat should help identify any wounds or scratches early.

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