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Most people don’t commonly bring up the habits of their beloved furry family members.  In fact, it can be outright embarrassing to see your dog do such a “disgusting” thing as eating their own feces.   This however, is truly a common occurrence in pets and an instinctual behavior that can be triggered by environmental occurrences.

Sometimes, eating fecal matter can reveal health concerns such as intestinal parasites or a physical condition that causes pain or hunger.  A veterinarian can examine your pet and perform a fecal analysis to determine if there is a medically underlying cause for the inappropriate behavior. Sometimes, pets will eat their own bowel movements if they go too long in between meals or are fed too little for their nutritional needs.  Boredom or separation anxiety can also be a trigger for corprophagia (the technical term for eating of fecal matter.) 

Lastly, as exhibited in my own female dachshund (yes, I am an owner of a dog that will sometimes eat her own feces,) some pets eat their own feces for fear of being punished for having a bowel movement in the house. I find the little chewed up bits of BM in the carpet and I must ensure she is going to the bathroom outside by watching her have her bowel movement in the yard.  It’s frustrating, but hey, it’s normal-remember.