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  • Introducing A New Pet Into Your Home

    It is an exciting time when you introduce a new furry friend into your home.  When going to get your new pet, it is best to leave your current pet at home.  Car travel can cause stress to your current pet as well as the new pet.  Forcing the two to interact so suddenly in this stressful environment can cause or worsen anxiety  a ...
    Jan 21 Tags: Cats, Dogs, Pet Care Tips
  • Tips For Keeping Your Geriatric Dog Happy

    Most dog owners are familiar with the term “senior” when it comes to describing their pet’s age, but as dogs are living longer thanks to advancements in veterinary medicine, a new term, “geriatric” is being used to classify older dogs.  For the body sizes of 25#, 50#, and 100# in dogs, pets are considered geriatric at the ages of 13 years, 11, ...
  • Protecting Your Dog From Diseases

      Did you know that many of your pet’s risk of diseases can be in your own back yard, your favorite pet store, or even the dog park you take your pet to? Something as innocent as allowing your puppy to play in a puddle of water, playing fetch with your dog at the river, letting your pet play in a wooded area, and most importantly taking your ...
    Jan 28 Tags: Dogs, Pet Care Tips, Puppy
  • Rabbit Nutrition

    Information for this blog was obtained from  This is an excellent source for husbandry information for all small mammals.  Rabbits are the third most popular pet behind dogs and cats.  Rabbits require a large percentage of fiber in their diets to maintain gastrointestinal health.  In general, any diet ...
  • Time to say goodbye?

    As our companion dogs and cats begin to age, they may develop illnesses or diseases which can begin to affect their quality of life.  In some cases, early detection blood screening is helpful in catching these diseases early and postponing progression.  There are other illnesses though such as cancer or heart disease that can develop slow ...
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